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Some Maintenance Tips on Limestone Crusher


1. During the production process, the temperature rise of the bearing must be checked frequently. When the temperature rise exceeds 50°C, the machine should be stopped for inspection to find out the cause and eliminate the fault.

2. When the new machine is running, the transmission belt is easy to stretch, so we should pay attention to the proper tightness of the belt to ensure the working life of the belt.

3. Consumable parts should be checked frequently and replaced in time to ensure production quality and production volume.

4. Blades and lining rings should be checked frequently. If they are worn out, the productivity will drop, and the particle size will become coarse. Replace them if they are found to be worn out.

5. The main engine and the graded flow bearings are lubricated with grease, using No. 2 special grease with a degree of 265-295.

6. The grease change period of the bearing is 2000 hours, and the filling amount of grease is 1/2 (upper measurement) or 3/4 (lower measurement) of the space in the bearing cavity. Do not fill too much grease, otherwise it will cause bearing temperature too high.

7. The grease change period of the screw feeder is 4000 hours, adding ordinary calcium-based grease is ok.

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