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Lime Production Line

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Lime Production Line

Capacity: 50-1200TPD

Fuel: Coal powder, natural gas, coal gas

Main equipment: crusher, pre-heater, rotary kiln, vertical cooler, etc.

Output size(different sizes for 120 kinds of stones)

  • slag cement

    slag cement

  • pozzolana cement

    pozzolana cement

  • portland cement

    portland cement

  • fly ash cement

    fly ash cement

Applied material:

15t/d Mini Lime Calcination Plant Cost

Quicklime / Active Lime / Hydrated Lime Production Line for Sale



Free Scheme and Estimate Cost can be sent to you now.

Zoomjo Group can offer different lime calcination solutions for our clients according to capacity, budget, kiln type and other elements.

Active lime is mainly made of limestone, dolomite, chalk and other minerals with high calcium carbonate content, which are calcined at 1000-1100 °C.

Many factors influencing the choice of lime production line includes investment cost, lime activity requirements, fuel selection, raw material particle size, capacity requirements, and environmental protection requirements.



Advantages and Merits of Lime Calcination Plant

1. The production line runs smoothly and greatly improves the lime output, the material and gas flow in the opposite direction, the heat is fully utilized.

2. The structure of the equipment selected for the active lime production line is simple and controllable, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

3. The process overcomes the shortcomings of traditional equipment such as temperature not easy to control, unstable product quality, high energy consumption, serious environmental pollution and low thermal efficiency, with good quality and high output of finished products.

4. In the case of the same particle size of the finished product, compared with other processes, the output can be increased by 30% under the same power conditions, and the energy consumption in production is reduced by about 15%.


Why Choose Our Lime Plant?

1. We have rich experience in providing one-stop service includes cement plant design, cement equipment manufacturing, cement plant installation and other customization service.

2. We are professional cement plant manufacturer with ISO & CE certifications, Export & Import License, and various types of certifications.

3. we can provide the custom-designed cement plant solution with fully automatic working, and the finished cement can meet the international standard.

4. Even smaller investment, much faster plant building, short money returning cycle.

Technical Parameter

Capacity (t/d) 150 200 250 300 350 400 500 600 800 1000 1200
Main equipments Main equipment models and technical / economic indicators
Vertical preheater YRQ04 YRQ06 YRQ06 YRQ08 YRQ08 YRQ10 YRQ12 YRQ12 YRQ14 YRQ18 YRQ20
Rotary kiln φ2.5×40m φ2.8×43m φ3.0×48m φ3.2×50m φ3.3×52m φ3.6×55m φ3.8×58m φ4.0×60m φ4.3×65m φ4.9×70m φ5.1×72m
Vertical cooler LSF36 LSF44 LSF56 LSF80 LSF112
Calcinations temperature /℃ 1100±50
Energy consumption index /(kCal/kg) 1200±100 ≤1150 ≤1100
Electricity consumption index /(kW·h/t) 40±5
limestone : Lime 1.7~1.78:1
Lime over burning rate /% ≤5
Lime activity /ml ≥340(depends on the composition of limestone)
Output temperature /℃ ambient temperature +60
Feeding size /mm 10~20/20~40
Gas emission Concentration /(mg/Nm3) ≤10
Annual working days / days ≥340
Overhaul Cycle / Year 1~3
Labour /(people / shift) 2~3
Applicable fuel Coal powder: Pulverized coal, coke oven coal gas, furnace gas, natural gas, diesel, heavy oil, liquefied petroleum gas, biomass fuel etc.

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