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Active Lime Rotary Kiln Exported to Egypt

Active Lime Rotary Kiln Exported to Egypt

    Processing Capacity : 1.9-76 t/h

    Main Equipment: Jaw crusher, mixer, ball mill, granulator, rotary dryer, drum screen, rotary kiln, cooler.

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As a professional manufacturer of active lime rotary kiln equipment, ZOOMJO has a strong competitive edge in the international market.

At the beginning of 2022, an Egyptian building materials company asked ZOOMJO for quotations and technical solutions for active lime rotary kiln equipment.

The company is a leading local building materials company with several production lines, among which the active lime production line is one of its main businesses. The company needed an advanced active lime production plant to improve production efficiency and product quality.

After understanding the company's needs, ZOOMJO's engineers provided a technical proposal that met its requirements. According to the proposal, the company will purchase a coal-fired active lime rotary kiln plant. The plant has the following technical characteristics.

1. The rotary kiln for active lime has a high production efficiency and can meet the needs of large-scale production. At the same time, the production process of this equipment is stable and reliable, which can ensure the stability and consistency of product quality.

2. The heat exchange system of active lime rotary kiln adopts advanced technology, which can utilize the waste heat of the kiln and reduce the energy consumption.

3. The rotary kiln of active lime adopts advanced combustion and exhaust gas treatment technology, which can reduce the emission of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides and meet the environmental protection standards and requirements.

4. The active lime rotary kiln is not only suitable for producing active lime, but also can be used for producing lime, cement and other kinds of building materials and industrial raw materials.

5. The structure of active lime rotary kiln is simple and easy to maintain, while it has a long service life. Its key components are made of high quality materials and processing technology, which ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.

After the solution was determined, ZOOMJO started the production and manufacturing of the equipment. During the production process, ZOOMJO made a fine control of every step, from material selection to processing technology, and strove to achieve the best. After nearly a month of production and manufacturing, the equipment was finally completed successfully.

Since the equipment has been put into use, the feedback from customers has been very good. The stability and high efficiency of the new equipment have been highly evaluated by the customers, and the product quality and production efficiency have been significantly improved.


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