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Ceramic Granule Rotary Kiln

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Ceramic Granule Rotary Kiln

Model : Φ2.2×45-Φ3.8×70

Capacity : 3.5-26(t/h)

Material : Construction, Chemicals, Cewage treatment

Materials:(different sizes for 120 kinds of stones)

  • benonite


  • cement


  • clay


  • coals


Applied material: 3R2115 3R2715 4R3216 5R4121

Some Common Knowledge about Ceramic Granule Rotary Kiln

Ceramic pellet rotary kiln is a multifunctional equipment used for ceramic processing, the kiln consists of a cylindrical shell, which is mounted on a set of rollers and driven by an electric motor. The shell is lined with high temperature resistant material and is heated by a burner system.

The burner system can be fueled by various fuels, such as natural gas, propane or fuel oil, depending on the specific requirements of the process.

The ceramic Granule are fed into the kiln through the feed chute and are slowly rotated and heated as they move towards the discharge end. The temperature inside the kiln is precisely controlled by thermocouples and a feedback control system, allowing the ceramic Granule to be processed with a high degree of accuracy. The residence time of the Granule in the kiln can also be controlled by adjusting the rotation speed of the kiln to ensure that the Granule are exposed to the temperature and time required for a specific process.

Ceramic pellet rotary kilns are also used to produce a variety of ceramic products such as ceramic tiles, refractory materials and advanced ceramics. The versatility of the kiln and the precision of the temperature control make it an indispensable tool in the ceramics industry.

In addition to being used for ceramic processing, ceramic pellet rotary kilns are also used in other industries such as mining, metallurgy and chemical processing. The kiln's high temperature capability and precise temperature control make it ideal for processing a wide range of materials.

Working Principle:

The structure and working principle of Ceramic Granule Rotary Kiln:

1. The ceramic granule rotary kiln consist of the rotary kiln body, support device, kiln head and stern sealing device, pulverized coal injection pipe device etc.

2. Between the kiln body and horizontal have an angle, the whole kiln body's round by supporting device, and has a catch wheel device controls the kiln body move up and down.

3. Transmission parts in addition to set the main transmission but also set up auxiliary transmission device which can ensure still supply power make the kiln body rotated slowly when the main transmission is not work. This can prevent the kiln body deformation . Kiln head adopts shell prover seal ,guarantee the reliability of the seal.

Features And Advantages:

1. simple structure, long service life, high rates, stable operation, high heat transfer efficiency, low heat

2. temperature automatic control, super temperature alarming, two times wind waste heat utilization, long service life kiln lining.

2. temperature automatic control, super temperature alarming, two times wind waste heat utilization, long service life kiln lining.

3. advanced kiln head sealing technology, stable operation, high output and other notable features.

Technical Parameter

Kiln SizePower
Φ2.5×542.5543.52800.48-1.4555196.29Kiln decomposition kilns
Φ2.8×442.8443.54500.437-2.1855201.58Kiln decomposition kilns
Φ3.0×483483.57000.6-3.48100237Kiln decomposition kilns
Φ3.2×503.550410000.6-3125278Kiln decomposition kilns
Φ3.3×523.3523.513000.266-2.66125283Preheating decomposition kilns
Φ3.5×543.5543.515000.55-3.4220363Preheating decomposition kilns
Φ3.6×703.6703.518000.25-1.25125419Waste heat power kilns
Φ4.0×56456423000.41-4.07315456Preheating decomposition kilns
Φ4.0×604603.525000.396-3.96315510Preheating decomposition kilns
Φ4.2×604.260427500.41-4.07375633Preheating decomposition kilns
Φ4.3×604.3603.532000.396-3.96375583Preheating decomposition kilns
Φ4.5×664.5663.540000.41-4.1560710.4Preheating decomposition kilns
Φ4.7×744.774445000.35-4630849Preheating decomposition kilns
Φ4.8×744.874450000.396-3.96630899Preheating decomposition kilns
Φ5.0×74574460000.35-4710944Preheating decomposition kilns
Φ5.6×875.68748000Max4.238001265Preheating decomposition kilns
Φ6.0×95695410000Max5950×21659Preheating decomposition kilns

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